Player Sponsorship Gryan Miers 2018

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Mar 20, 2004
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BigFooty Cats fans,

The moderators and I invite you to become part of the official player sponsor of Gryan Miers through BigFooty and give yourself a great chance at winning some unique prizes.

Payment details
Gryan Miers is in the 'Acadamy' bracket which comes with a price of $1970. As usual BigFooty will be putting in the first $200.

This week we are only accepting $50 per poster. If we don’t reach our target by Sunday 11 Feb we will be accept multiple $50 pledges in order to reach the target.

In order to complete your payment, please follow the details listed in these steps:
Once you have paid, please PM me with your confirmation, payment amount, account name and three digit payment ID.

Prize details

Every $50 payment is effectively another chance in the draw, however only one prize will be awarded to any single person. These prizes are for you - if you can't use them, or give them to a family member or friend, then please consider the other people who are contributing and I will reallocate them. The reallocation of prizes will be conducted in the most practical way (but hopefully will not be required). The prize winner list will be posted on BigFooty once finalised. Prizes may be drawn from the following sponsorship package inclusions:


The prize draw will hopefully take place in two weeks time (around 21 Feb), assuming we reach the fundraising target, allowing two week's notice for the winner of the season launch tickets.

Other benefits
All Geelong Board player sponsors will also receive:
  1. A Miers18 banner on their BigFooty profile
As a collective, will receive on behalf of our board:
  1. Recognition on the Geelong Cats website and Player Profile page
  2. BigFooty name or logo to appear alongside Gryan Miers on the big screen on match day at Simonds Stadium
  3. Recognition of BigFooty’s sponsorship in the Cats Insider e-magazine
  4. BigFooty’s name on Gryan Miers’ locker.

Important Dates:
  • Season Launch 6:00PM Friday 9 March at GMHBA stadium.
  • Exclusive sponsors training session - TBC

Please post general questions in this thread.

If you want to keep it private, send me a private message.

Go Cats!

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Jun 21, 2011
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i'll make my payment later in the week - disappointing to not really have the option of keeping Simpson when you consider that price rise, so lets see what the local lad has to offer and wish him the best for the season ahead

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