Solved Guilty of killing 92yo mum with a 'green dream' animal EUTHANASIA cocktail

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Dec 27, 2016
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Western Bulldogs
The daughter of acclaimed scientist Mary White has been found guilty of manslaughter over the death of her 92-year-old mother in an aged care home in 2018.

Barbara Eckersley never denied adding so called "green dream" drugs to her mother's soup, but said she did not intend to kill her.

Really strange case. Maybe her daughter who I think is in her early 70s could have a mental health check. It will be interesting to see how much jail she gets for this.



Sep 22, 2020
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Pohang Steelers
Vale Dr Mary E White, a wonderful writer. Her book The Greening of Gondwana is just beautiful, if you're into all things scientific and natural history.

So sad to think of this brilliant mind lost to dementia.

Not sure how I feel about the trial and verdict. While I think euthanasia should be a choice available in the right circumstances and with the right controls in place, it isn't really a DIY thing.

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