MVP GWS 2022 MVP - Round 20 v Swans

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Nov 23, 2015
AFL Club
Well, that was a piss poor game. Not only was the execution not there, the effort wasn't there from the majority of players. Does anyone deserve votes? You have 15 votes, but remember, in a game such as this, you can award less than 15 votes to better reward the few who tried.

I'll start it off ...

5 - Sam Taylor: 13 intercepts, 5 contested marks, 21 disposals, usual great game stopping Buddy. What a star, needs to be AA this year!

No-one else deserves any in my books.
Couldn't put myself through watching the game but I will put down

5 - Taylor
4 - Perryman (because he cares and will be our next captain)
3 - no one
2 - no one
1- Leek Aleer (simply for his amazing speech after he was told he was making his debut, it was pure class)

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