Club Focus GWS Giants 2022

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@Headless approved!
Nov 7, 2017
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Manchester City, Collingwood AFLW
Data from footywire. To check the draft order see the thread here.

Footywire says: "While we make every effort to keep up to date with player contracts, it is likely that our data may at times be out of date, incomplete or inaccurate. If you find any player contracts that need updating, please let us know using our brand new contract submission form."

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Dec 14, 2015
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Great website but a bit hit and miss on the updates.

I'm sure the admins there would accept the help if you wanted to update for them
If you submit to the contract submission form thing they do seem to update it. The Essendon one is all up to date, and I reckon having a bunch of us bugging them with form submissions linking to official re-signing announcements probably helped.

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