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U18 Championships 2019
  • Giant Strides

    Nov 23, 2015
    AFL Club
    Round 1 of the U18 Championships

    Sunday June 9, 12.30 at UTAS Stadium. GWS Academy kids named in bold.

    B: Tom Griffiths - Nick Murray - Luke Parks
    HB: Connor Budarick - Josh Rayner - Braeden Campbell
    C: Matt McGrory - Will Martyn - Mitch O'Neill
    HF: Oliver Davis - Liam Delahunty - Bruce Reville
    F: Will Chandler - Hamish Ellam - Noah Cumberland
    R: Samson Ryan - Tom Green - Sam Thorne
    I: Jackson Barling - Sam Collins - Matt Conroy - Errol Gulden - Malcolm Rosas Jnr

    Vic Country
    B: Jesse Clark - Sam DeKoning - Harrison Pepper
    HB: Lachlan Ash - Brodie Kemp - Hayden Young
    C: Brady Rowles - Caleb Serong - Lachlan Williams
    HF: Ned Cahill - Elijah Hollands - Cody Weightman
    F: Riley Baldi - Josh Smith - Fraser Phillips
    R: Charlie Comben - Sam Flanders - Thomson Dow
    I: Toby Mahony - Mitch Martin - Jay Rantall - Ryan Sparkes - Cameron Wild
    E: Henry Walsh - Ben Worme

    Vic Country will be looking to back up an opening win over their Metro counterparts when they travel to Launceston to face the Allies.

    The allied forces of each Northern academy, NT and Tasmania are set to provide some stiff competition though, with a balanced midfield mix, zippy outside movers, and a couple of dynamic talls making up the 23. GWS inside gun Tom Green is set to lead the midfield brigade, with Brisbane skipper Will Martyn providing a mix of inside and outside traits, while Tasmania’s Mitch O’Neill looks set to feature on the outside. Diminutive Gold Coast leader Connor Budarick is the other who may feature through the midfield, but will get a shot on the flanks at either end first. Liam Delahunty and Hamish Ellem should create a formidable all-NSW key forward pairing, with both more than capable overhead and always a threat in front of goal. The Allies’ outside running types in the form of Sydney bottom-age pair Braeden Campbell and Errol Gulden will also be key, with Oliver Davis thrust onto a forward flank from midfield, and Sam Collins one to watch off half-back.

    While the versatility and run that the Allies side will bring should prove a handful, Country have already shown they can shut down such a style of play. Brodie Kemp firmed as an early candidate to tackle Green in the midfield but has been named in defence, with Gippsland pair Sam Flanders and Caleb Serong set to take on that load instead alongside Thomson Dow. Look for the damaging half-back pairing of Lachlan Ash and Hayden Young to again dominate, with Jesse Clark also set to take on an important role as Brock Smith comes out of the back six through injury. Lachlan Williams comes in to add even more speed on the outside for Country, joined by Cam Wild and Toby Mahony – who will both most likely spend time between the forward line and midfield. It will be a tough ask for Josh Smith and Charlie Comben to back up their performances, but they will again be key as the most likely Country talls going forward.

    This should be a tight one, and if Country’s first performance is anything to go by, they will be more than up for it. The gelling of a talented Allies side will be key to the contest, and Tom Green looms as a crucial figure with Country lacking like-for-like answers. All will be revealed on Sunday though, with many looking forward to a hot contest.
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