GWS Player Highlights 2019 (May 10th - Lachie Whitfield)

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Jun 13, 2014
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St Kilda
Hey all,
I'm putting together some season 2019 highlight reels for a bunch of GWS players in the coming weeks so I thought I'd post them here. Obviously this is delayed but I figured with no footy going on at the moment you all might be interested and I have some unexpected free time on my hands. I did this in 2016 a few years ago as well if anyone remembers.

Planning on making videos for Greene, Kelly, Taranto, Whitfield, Coniglio, Hopper, Cameron, Finlayson, Himmelberg and probably a couple of others I haven't decided on, if there are any requests I'm open.

If you'd like to subscribe, my channel is here, it would be much appreciated:

Toby Greene

Stephen Coniglio

Jeremy Cameron

Josh Kelly

Jacob Hopper

Jeremy Finlayson

Harry Himmelberg

Tim Taranto

Lachie Whitfield

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