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Feb 26, 2019
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It's that time of year again, update your app's because SuperCoach 2021 is here !!

Going to run this season differently compared to 2020

League will be a 10 team competition, 1st in best dressed, once the league gets filled will create a 2nd group of 10

If we have 2 leagues of 10, bottom 2 teams of league.1 prior to finals will drop down to league.2 for 2022

Grand Finalist of League.2 will be promoted to League.1 for 2022

Prize for Grand Final winners TBC prior to Rd.1

League .1
BF GWS Giants #1 (829533)

1. Callums_Guns (Callums_Guns)
2. dlanod (Lions Limpers SCE)
3. PMBangers (Cogs in a machine
4. GWS Goose (Gaggle)
5. Gigantic (Toe Bashers)
6. Ppollen (Ppollen)
7. Giant Strides
8. Determinant (Prostrate Killers)
9. Orange Agent (Bit by Bats)
10. General Giant (Spicks)

League .2 TBC

Once joined inform SC user name - thank you !!

Giant Strides Determinant PMBangers GWS Goose Ppollen Chipmunk OrangeDuck Giant Gutsache
Giant Pete captainMyCaptain General Giant Danny88 fridgeman Ichabod Noodle dlanod JC100 Gigantic

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