Free Agency Harley Bennell [joins Melbourne as a delisted free agent]

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Brownlow Medallist
Jan 9, 2009
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Wants another chance at a 3rd club. Will he get one? I still believe if a club could get him on the park he could tear opposition teams to shreds. One of the most talented players I've seen. I remember watching him live at Metricon Stadium on two occasions that stand out for me. The first one was Round 6 2012 against Fremantle in which he had 37 disposals and kicked 3 goals and the other was Round 14 2014 against Geelong in which he had 27 disposals and kicked 6 goals. Insane. Such a shame he's had issues off field and his body has failed him. Was such an exciting player to watch when in form.

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Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 5, 2004
AFL Club
Other Teams
Very talented.

1 club or another will take a shot

Thinking a northern club again due to being out of the limelight more.
Why would they? He’ll be 27 at the start of next season and has played two afl games in 4 seasons. Chronically injured and still gets himself in trouble when out.

Even Fremantle have given up on him, and the reason he went there from GC was he thought he would do better close to family.


Club Legend
Mar 7, 2009
The Cupboard
AFL Club
Would think his career at the highest level is well and truly done with.

His off-field behaviour is an absolute train-wreck which is only matched by his body, which is shot and clearly not up to the rigours of professional sport.

Bloody talented, but is finished. Would be shocked to learn otherwise.

Jason mp

Premium Platinum
Aug 31, 2015
By the Gabba.
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Other Teams
Valleys. Chelsea.
Will be one for the trivia buffs and BF threads in coming years ie. "the biggest unfulfilled talents ever".

Can't see him ever making it back after 4 years of inertia unfortunately.


R.I.P Shane Tuck 21
Dec 28, 2007
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Richmond 2019 Premiers
Will be extremely lucky to be rookie listed imo , Go back to WAFL and have a great year then maybe a club will consider him

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Club Legend
Feb 17, 2016
AFL Club
I know it's fun and all to dig the boots into Harley for his past, but his off field behaviour isn't what it was. Couple years ago he was prone to making minor mistakes after having a set back but they were consistently blown out of proportion by the media due to his history. Since he met his girlfriend it's been a completely different story, he's as well behaved as they come. Now with his newly born daughter I can't see him doing anything to jeopardize their future.

All good to sh*t on Freo for signing a bad boy with chronic injuries. But he's not that bad boy anymore and the chronic injuries were never his fault, as much as the media would tell you otherwise.

Truly I hope, for the sake of his family's life, he gets a rookie place with a team who's sports science team get him right (added benifit if it gets ours fired from the implication). While he may never be the Brownlow threat he projected to be, some of the things he did in the wafl this year we're still beyond the realms of regular AFL players.

Freo have to let him go because we can't get his calves right and no amount of sunk cost fallacy would convince the supporters not to riot if we rookie listed him.

Mister M

Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 16, 2016
AFL Club
Other Teams
Fighting Furies
With the "culture" that Richmond has developed at the last few years where they now believe they can get the best out of 'troubled' players such as Sydney Stack, Marlion Pickett, etc. I could see Richmond giving him a spot as a Delisted Free Agent. He's got incredible talent-- it just requires getting his body and mind right so he can utilise that talent.

Bring him over to Melbourne in the off-season, place him in the spare room of a senior player/coach for a few months and see if he can do anything on the training track under the Richmond 'culture'. If he succeeds sign him up as a DFA in January/February in a similar way to which Richmond game Stack an opportunity last summer.


Brownlow Medallist
May 2, 2017
AFL Club
Too much focus on his off-field stuff in here. However bad it may have been/still is it is nothing on the fact the dude can't string 5 games together without blowing a calf.

You're backing your medical team if you sign him. Hopefully someone gives it a go.


Brownlow Medallist
Jun 11, 2007
AFL Club
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Tottenham, Bayern, Milan, Celtic
Cats, Hawks or Tigers.
Only clubs where i'd back the culture and medical teams to get the best out of him

Would love him at essendon, but we don't have either of the above to make it work.

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