Harry Kane

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Brownlow Medallist
Aug 28, 2015
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Chelsea FC
You know we are 2nd ATM, 2 reasons for it Salah and Firmi.

If Kane is so much better how come spurs aren't top 4?
Salah is in that 6-10 bracket in the world right now, along with guys like Aguero, Lewandowski, Suarez etc. I think he will drop off next season though, similarly to Mane. Managers will figure him out. That’s why Hazard is the best in the PL. He has been unplayable for years. The only way to stop him is by fouling him and kicking the sh*t out of him. If Salah copped the attention Eden does his output would be reduced considerably. Sides just don’t respect him enough yet.

As for Firmino, he’s a B grader. I have him on the same level as Morata, Lukaku, Aubameyang, etc. He’s below the truly elite but can lead a line for a big club. He’s having a good season, but I don’t think any other top six side would swap their striker for Firmino. Comparing Kane and Firmino is like comparing Dustin Martin with Ben Cunnington. One is elite, the other is very good, but the gap between them is significant.

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