Has the injury to Harris Andrews dented our finals campaign

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Aug 17, 2020
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
1st absolutely gutted.He is without doubt a superstar of the comp I hope he has a speedy recover. lions let’s win and keep winning for the passion and dedication Harris possesses.let’s do it for him so he can play in the preliminary final or hopefully sooner. PS medical team you now have a mission.GO LIONS
the old cliche so close yet so far. To the player set to replace HARRIS , DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN with the same spirit, determination,passion of our beloved HARRIS.. This unfortunate opportunity will define in the coming weeks ,who u r ,your will to fight,your character and your desperation .The lions need you, the supporters desperately want you to successed. whoever you r may you give 110% to the lions achieving what so many players aspire to,to win a premiership.
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Feb 1, 2016
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Brisbane Lions
Yeah I think we are screwed too unfortunately. People say we have a great team defence, which in part is true, but that team defence is built around playing to Harris’ strengths in that he can come over the top to spoil or mark and kill opposition forays forward. Going to be hard(er) from here unfortunately.
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a mayes ing

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Dec 1, 2013
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Brisbane Lions
Hopefully he can be back a week sooner. Rayner was like that. Even if he is not 100% fit, l would still play him. If he does get re-injured well we wouldn't win the GF w/o him. Reward is greater than the risk imo

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Sep 6, 2018
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Brisbane Lions
I know it's going to hurt our structure but mcstay can go back if required. Bring in skinner for fullaton, payne for harris.

You can't replace guys like harris, but it gives a opportunity for someone else to step up.

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