Has the injury to Harris Andrews dented our finals campaign

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Jun 17, 2008
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Losing Andrews is a massive blow, but it should not mean the end of our season or Premiership hopes. Payne comes in for Andrews, which partially covers the absence on paper. Lester, Gardiner, Starcevich, Birchall, Rich and Answerth continuing to stand up also helps. Forget moving McStay back. He is so horribly out of form, particularly in terms of marking that he would be a liability. The other big thing we can do to cover the loss of Andrews is we can dominate in the midfield and start kicking higher scores. We are not going to notice his loss as much if the ball spends most of the time in our half. If we think we are going to win finals by kicking six goals a game and having goalless quarters (we managed two of those on the weekend) we are delusional. The same applies to scoring accuracy. Look at Geelong on the weekend - they kicked 17.6 against Essendon. More telling is their quarter by quarter breakdown. 6.1 6.1 2.1 3.2
Losing Andrews is a massive blow, as I said, but we are still going to go out in “straight sets” again if we can’t get our forward line right. If we can dominate in the middle and convert on the scoreboard we are still a chance with the defenders we have available.

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