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Discussion in 'TSL Board' started by Over The Post, Aug 19, 2014.


Which best describes the state of the BigFooty TSL Board?

Poll closed Aug 26, 2014.
  1. Great - make no changes

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  2. Good - needs a few tweaks

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  3. Poor - needs major work

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  1. Over The Post

    Over The Post Angry Chimp

    Nov 07
    Bikini Atoll
    Hello fellow TSL fans,
    With finals here, we would like to invite all of you to provide feedback about the state of the BigFooty TSL Board.

    To begin with it would be great if you would take a few moments to vote in the poll above, but more importantly it would be appreciated if you could post your thoughts about how things are going within this thread regarding this board. Everything is fair game; from us the moderators, to the quality of the discussion on the board itself, to the structure of the forum and everything in-between. Voting is useful, but we are most interested in ways you think the TSL Board can improve, what we are doing right, what we are doing wrong, what we could be doing and what we should be doing. Also your general thoughts about your use of this forum would be welcomed.

    We as Moderators won't touch or reply to this thread for 7 days to allow everyone the chance to respond without us jumping in all the time to reply. That will come after the 7 days.


    Your Mod Team

    Over The Post

    PS: Please be mindful of the board rules before posting, as they also apply to this thread (keep it polite, keep it civil, refrain from getting personal regarding other posters). If you have problems with other users please contact the moderators privately. We reserve the right to delete posts that breach Board Rules.

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  2. JM71

    JM71 Team Captain

    Jul 08
    Other Teams:
    Hobart Tigers, Hurricanes,
    Hey OTP, just wondering if perhaps it is time to reintegrate all Tas Football back into one board? Whilst I don't read BigFooty as much these days I feel the discussion on the TSL Board is more mud slinging at each other, than it is about the betterment and discussion of Tassie Footy. Perhaps re-integrating will result in more active insightful contributors in the future on the board!
  3. Halftimehero

    Halftimehero Norm Smith Medallist

    Jun 12
    Front and Square
    Too much mud flinging goes on in here, only a handful are prepared to have a genuine discussion about football. It seems certain posters who have differing views or opinions feel they need pick apart or question posts if they do not agree, most of what gets written in here is opinion based and therefore it cannot be wrong. It seems that if you show your allegiances to a particular club and are prepared to express your views about it then you are accused of becoming one eyed and taken to task every time you make a post.
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