Hawkins off the ball hit, weeks or finals discount?


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Feb 13, 2010
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If they've been friends since school, why would he intentionally hit him?

I do have to wonder, why so many people have drawn their pitchforks, when we only have one clip supplied. Once all the evidence is supplied, then lose your sh*t. Right now, it's all just rhetoric and hyperbole and most of you sound unhinged. They're looking at vision now, that we have not seen. Once that vision emerges, then we'll have the full story and you can all make your own judgements.
Which showed him intentionally hitting his opponent, off the ball, and high. Exactly as charged.
Personally I hope he plays for the lulz.

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Feb 17, 2006
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Tribunal deliberation conversation:

Person A: OK, so sounds like he's definitely guilty, 1 week yeah?
All: Yeah, sounds right.
Person A: Right, so who's going to tell Gil he's missing a week?
Person B: Not me
Person C: Not me
Person A: Hmm, well I'm not doing it.
Person B: How about we just let him off and no one has to do it?
All: Perfect!

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Sep 29, 2009
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It will be interesting to see what he says he was trying to do with his swinging arm.

And as to sling tackles - don't think I'm quoting the rules. I'm definitely not doing that.
Had another look at Hawkins. Even if it was careless, should be a week. Except it would be unfair given the shit other players have got away withover the past month. Green should have got 3-4 last week. Geez, its impossible to say the way the AFL goes about it.

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