Analysis Hawks 2022 Hypothetical trades, wishlists and suggestions

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Apr 19, 2006
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This thread IS for your:
  • Trade ideas
  • Players you want us to target
  • Where you argue the value of a currently listed HFC player
  • Where you argue the value of opposition players
  • 16 player mega trades that see the Hawks make out like bandits
  • Ways to get more first round picks
It’s not for lamenting or critiquing trade periods form years gone by for the 500th time, or for Kane Cornes’s hot takes.


Feb 2, 2022
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But we do have several players vying for a similar role, and with Morris looking like a good defender he now has another competitor.

It will be interesting to see whether he can get back into the side and displace someone like Morrison.
Got to give to get but I agree a 3rd rounder not enough if it could be converted inside 30 somehow then I think we should do it. Dons second round for our third back and maybe some pick swaps?
Starting backline 2023 for me must have tank and dimma as smalls cj and scrim as hbf leaving blanck and Sicily then DGB and day on bench (day hbf or wing). I haven’t liked brambles attack on the ball when he’s needed to go and that’s why I’m ok to part with him as we are stacked in defence (haven’t even raised frost or jeka for example).


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Jan 10, 2012
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I think we should be looking at Grundy. At his peak he was averaging 6 clearances per game. We seriously could use this right now. That along with the pure ruck talent is massive.

Moreover, if we choose to swallow more of that salary, Collingwood should really be gifting us with their first rounder in a pick swap.

Hypotheically, something like:

HAW GET: Grundy (absorb $1.1m of the contract a year) + Coll 1st 2022
COLL GET: Haw 3rd 2022 + Haw 2nd 2023

Would be a big reliever for the Pies whilst we have the cap space to use


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Apr 6, 2010
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He is a training machine. If anything he needs to cut back to strike the best balance. He’s been putting in extra work on video reviews with our young mids since his injury and doing a lot of extra charity work as well.
This was off the track

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