Hawk's Father Son time capsule

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Jun 14, 2011
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Luke Hodge's eldest is more into basketball, so far. Bigger worry is them settling in Brisbane for good and any Hodge F/S going into the Lions academy. Yikes.

Jordan and Lucy Lewis have twin boys about 2 or 3 years younger than Fred.

Most Kids are into basketball more than footy between ages 6-13 cause its more exhilarating, once you get into mid-late teens footy becomes the be all and end all for most kids that are above average with sport. But yes the lions academy is a little concerning :grin:


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Oct 2, 2005
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This article about Mark WIlliams written in August, 2008 mentions a son, Kobe, 8 mths. Don't have any more details or info on other sons.

Just out of interest, this article gives a bit on information about Mark Williams and his post-AFL days, including coaching an inaugural team to a premeirship in 2016

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Apr 19, 2006
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Interesting what a season off footy does. Changes the mindset so to speak
This is good news.

From 2017.
Nate Dear (Paul's son) has had a brilliant year at beaumaris. Playing a year above where he should be playing (under 15's) all things going well should be a father son choice in a couple of years


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Feb 5, 2018
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While we have had a rolling Father Son thread on the board, we've not done a very good job of cataloguing just who is available as a Father Son pick up (if they're good enough) in any given year, and so this thread will aim to give a quick overview of all the future possible father/sons.

Obviously as we get more names, we can add them to the below.
So if you know of any that need to be added, and the year they will be eligible please post and we can add them to the list.

There are plenty of unknown sons of David Hale, Luke McCabe, Mark Williams, Rick Ladson, Richie Vandenberg etc... If they’ve played 100 games for the HFC and they have a son we want to know their name.

2019 - Finn Maginness✔

2020 - Louis Thompson

2021 - Nate Dear

2022 -

2023 - Calsher Dear, Ned Maginness

2024 - Ky Burgoyne**, Charlie Crawford

2025 -

2026 - Cooper Hodge, Benjamin Crawford

2027 - Percy Burgoyne**

2028 - Smith Mitchell

2029 - Jack Crawford, Harry Crawford

2030 - Chase Hodge

2031 -

2032 -

2033 - Freddy Lewis

2034 - Phoenix Croad, Kobe Williams

2035 - Angus McEvoy, Boston Brown, Ollie Lewis, Hughie Lewis

2036 -

2037 -

2038 - Tanner Hodge, Sonny Frawley, Will Roughead

2039 -

**Eligible for Port Adelaide also.

I don't care if he sucks, I just want a bloke called Boston Brown to be on an AFL list.

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