Hawthorn - 20 flags by 2050

Who's closer to a flag, Geelong or Hawthorn?

  • Hawthorn

    Votes: 141 56.4%
  • Geelong

    Votes: 109 43.6%

  • Total voters

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Thats Wright

Premiership Player
Jan 16, 2011
AFL Club
North Melbourne
A back to back each decade with a few loners thrown in. Seems a fair vision.
Confident Geelong and Sydney would have similar visions just not public.

If your club does not have a long term vision of continued success it probably explains why they have not had any for a long time if at all.
Dingley? The swamp won't have the cauldron training environment that was crucial for the flukepeat.

Why not hey, aim for the top. It's getting cold down here at North where they are happy having a corporate spruiker as head coach. At least your corporate spruiker isn't in charge of the list and selections.

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Noel Gallagher

Club Legend
Oct 3, 2006
AFL Club
Other Teams
Years until 2050 = 32
32 / 4 = 8
Premierships won already = 13

******* lol he's basically going with the whole hilarious win one every four years bollocks the supporters go on with :D

What a plonker

Better that than the whole Essendon media propaganda (AFL) sanctioned crap we currently have to endure.

By the way it wasn't a "supplements" scandal, it was s drug scandal. Your anti Hawthorn rants are getting tiresome Lance, time to get a life chief


Brownlow Medallist
Jun 28, 2013
AFL Club
Not sure Jeffs factored in the zombie apocalypse in 2036. Otherwise seems reasonable.
Essendon win a few flags during the zombie apocalypse. Dankenstein leads them to victory

Junior Junior Rioli then rescues the world and wins yet another Rioli family Norm Smith

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