Club Focus Hawthorn 2021 - Lynch, Ward, Butler, MacDonald, Serong

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Guardian Hawk

Premiership Player
Oct 16, 2003
AFL Club
As always with new draftees, time will tell but really pleased with the selections made...

2 inside/outside mids and a pressure fwd (who can also play mid) with our first 3 picks is exactly what the list needed (without having to compromise on best available).

Have been keen on Ward with our first pick for months so definately glad the club saw it the same way.

Only disappointment was in relation to how close we came to also getting Matt Johnson. Not only that he got so close to our 2nd selection but also that Freo reportedly turned down a very generous offer (F2 and pick 23 for pick 21). It also rubs in the disappointment on missing out on GC's ridiculous trade. In the end, we could have got Matt Johnson (who we rated top 10) and Will Brodie for an F2. If GC had made that trade with any other club, I dare say Johnson would be in Hawthorn colours but as a young West Aussie big bodied mid, Freo were the one other club as keen on him as we were so preferred to draft him rather than get an almost free second rounder from us.
Apr 19, 2006
The local Satanist Cabal
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Storm, Spurs, Socceroos
Weird he's been dropped / managed at 27 years old.

Might have been better to be less stubborn and rebuild naturally ?
He was crook last week and hasn’t gotten up this week after not training at all.

It’s actually amazing that the media have continued to overlook this despite the club telling them so.

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