Opinion Hawthorn Captain 2020

Who should be Hawthorn Captain?

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Jun 2, 2009
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Stratton, as there are no obvious replacements. (Don’t even question his body of work. He has been so clutch in big games.) McEvoy, Gunston, Shiels etc. are late in their careers. Mitchell & O’meara have had injuries and don’t need the additional pressure. Worpel perhaps in 2021 with Sicily as VC.

2 years ago I would have said Burton but unfortunately (from my perspective) the club decided to move him on.

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Nov 5, 2014
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IMO the inclusion of Frost to the Hawks list, and the development of Scrimshaw, has Stratton’s position in the best 22 as uncertain.
Frost has the speed and agility to play on both talls and smalls....and Frost is more capable than Stratton against the bigger bodies.
Scimshaw looks great as a 3rd up, and has excellent foot skills to set up the offense.

Any of the following combination of players could work in our backline:

Hardwick, Frawley, Scrimshaw
Sicily......., Frost...., Burgoyne / Jiath / Hartley

None of which has Stratton in it... Yet it still looks good.

Don’t get me wrong, Stratts at his best is in the Hawks 22. But depending on form, he may not be. How can we have a captain who is best 24?

I think Stratts needs to concentrate on his game and not worry about helping others.

Ben McEvoy is my pick for Captain. His position in the team is certain, his work ethic at training is well known (he regularly beats midfielders in time trials), and by all reports he is a very approachable guy. What more is there?
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