Toast Hawthorn have headf***ed everyone

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Sep 7, 2009
Mill Park
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Sacramento Kings
Lewis at 76 and Worpel at 45. You can see why everyone hates us can't you?
It doesn’t just end there.

Sicily - 2013 national draft pick 56
Howe - 2014 national draft pick 31
Hardwick - 2015 national draft pick 44
Hanrahan - 2016 rookie draft pick 14

If you think it’s this bad now, then wait till Patton is traded for a 3rd round pick. This place is going to implode. :D


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Sep 6, 2009
Padbury; WA
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Listening to SEN Drive last night and some Essendon Flog got on and proceded to hook into the Hawks.
Claimed McDonald-Tipungwuti was a far better player than Cyril who apparently went missing in big games.
He then offered the gem that Mitchell was ineffective because despite his 50 possessions none of them hurt the opposition.

And the response from Terry Wallace - and his co commentator - Silence

The Hawks had obviously become an obsession to this flog who's objectivity matched his number of brain cells.

McDonald’s Chips & Pudding takes months off at a time & this idiot reckons Cyril went missing during games...:rolleyes::rolleyes:

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