Toast Hawthorn have headf***ed everyone

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A Diakos

All Australian
Apr 17, 2012
AFL Club
Is this the most embarrassing thread ever created on social media?

I can only imagine the laughs everyone else got when we missed out on Cognilooo

Ooh yeah we’ve headfu**ed everyone, or maybe some of you have headfu**ed yourselves

I'd be quietly scramming back to the drug cheat whatever team you supports board strappingyounglad
Sep 18, 2019
AFL Club
Nah, most embarrassing was that 2012 pre-season thread on the AFL main board by an Essendon supporter gloating about how big and ripped all the Essendon players were looking... :$
Hahahahaha classic, is it still readable?

Thanks cryptor because that is was what I was after when I posted what I did, to see what people thought were the worse threads ever created on social media, since we all read different stuff and we can't read it all.

But I can see how my wording and sense of humor was missed by pretty much everyone.

Thought I'd better clear this up, since I'm still being quoted, after so many weeks.

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