Hayden Kennedy quits.

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Norm Smith Medallist
Jun 5, 2007
AFL Club
Highly experienced former umpire and now umpires coach Hayden Kennedy has quit, effective immediately, after being in the role since 2013.

Possible friction from Kennedy and senior umpires with Steve Hocking may have contributed to his resignation, with the umpires unhappy with how difficult and complex their match day roles have become with new rules introduced and other rules being re-interpreted.


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Jan 14, 2016
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West Coast
Good riddance I say. I reckon he was a big part of the problem.

I'm basing this solely on those videos he did explaining ump decisions on afl site few years back - basically umps rarely get it wrong according to him.
Fair enough if he was protecting his own - but the wth was the point of the video segment to begin with then.


Brownlow Medallist
Jun 4, 2013
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North Melbourne
Just make them full time, pay them bloody well with better training, higher standards, and more visible accountability. Have better talent pathways for grassroots and lower league umpires to get into the big time, as well as pathways for ex players. Razor is in his 40's, fit players who just aren't up to the level and are delisted in their early 20's should be able to see umpiring as a 20 year career: They would already know the rules to a decent standard and have the fitness for it, as well as arguably a good feel for how to umpire the game.

He's absolutely right that the league continually makes it harder for umpires with their rule changes, interpretations, and reliance on judging intent of all things. But some of the blokes who do it now are just, quite frankly and with all due respect, total shitters. Whether that be with their ability to practice their physical skills like bouncing the ball, their judgements, or their subconscious biases.

FFS the league's major recruitment strategy for umpires is forcing the commentators and media to felate them as much as possible to try and encourage the average viewer to believe they do an acceptable job so they don't get the sh*t heckled out of them.

I have no idea if Kennedy is part of the problem or a good bloke who tried his best to deal with a sh*t hand. Either way I hope the AFL uses his departure to kickstart a few changes in it's umpiring department.
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