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Oct 8, 2007
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As always, thanks for sharing your perspectives.

Re Shiel vs Beams
Shiel was about the 4th or 5th best mid at GWS Kelly, Ward, Coniglio, Scully are all superior. Whitfield too these days. Never finished inside their Top 3 in the B&F despite playing 20 games a season pretty consistently. Treloar beat him consistently in the club B&F when he was there too.
He's quick but he doesn't hit targets that reliably. He has very little scoreboard impact either (9 goals a season on average the past 2 years from ~24 games). He has averaged 26 disposals a game.

Beams is a multiple club B&F winner, club captain, has averaged 20 games a season the past 2 years in a team which hasn't played finals (of which one game missed was due to mental health issues as he dealt with the immediate passing that year of his father). He has averaged 28 disposals a game and 19 goals a season. One of only 2 options you'd apply a tag to at Brisbane.

Beams is the superior player for mine at present. Pretty easily.

Roughead cost us virtually nothing in draft picks or salary. He provides important cover for Grundy and possibly Dunn until he returns. Recruiting for depth is entirely sensible and every club does it. If they're all superstars, you simply can't fit them into your salary cap and we have Pendles, Steele, DeGoey, Treloar and in time Grundy all commanding big dollars. In recent times you've seen guys like Keeffe to GWS, Preuss to Melbourne (basically didn't get a game at North and have Gawn), Adams to Lions, Leuenberger (when recruited to the Bombers), Mihocek as mature, big bodied players who may not have been considered best 22 but could play a vital role.
I'm with you, I'd take Beams over Shiel any day of the week. The only thing in Shiel's favor is that he's 3 years younger.

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Jun 4, 2011
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I’d move to a more classic traditional jumper and become, Gold Coast sharks.
No chance - because of the brand clash with Cronulla. Especially in an NRL state like Queensland.

We can see the situation today with the Bulldogs (Footscray and Canterbury) having too much of a brand clash.

I’d do a few cosmetic changes too, eg dreadful looking jumper design, and team moniker.
I don’t think changing the jumper or the moniker will make more people follow the team or go to games.

They need to build a community around the club. Make the club be a place where people feel like they’re a part of something bigger than themselves. That’s how Collingwood became successful.

Sends the message, we’re starting again and we plan for success.
Sporting clubs cannot afford to base their business models on sporting success. It’s just not sustainable - it’s like basing a business model on winning the lottery. Every club will have their dark days or mediocre times and they need a business model that will sustain them through those periods.

Pop Quiz: We know who won the 2010 Premiership, but who won the 2010 wooden spoon?

West Coast

They’ll unfortunately deprive Carlton of another wooden spoon I’d suspect this coming season. They look a Monty for last.
To be fair, you would have said the same thing in 2018.

After winning 6 games in 2017 and finishing 3rd last, and coming to the end of their 66 game rebuild, nobody expected Carlton to go backwards.
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