(historical) Preston Junior DFL (assume this is the most appropriate board?)

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Apr 3, 2017
AFL Club
I played at Olympic in the PDJFA between 1974 to 1978. We had the ground behind Northland and shared the clubrooms with Heidelberg Colts. We moved across to the ground where the old trotting track was for a couple of years as well. i remember playing Kingsbury, Reservoir Lakeside, Banyule, Bundoora, Thomastown one year, Not sure who else. We wore Melbourne colours with an Olympic torch on the left breast of the jumper. My uncle Alf Wood was President for a while and coached many of the different teams over the years. I have a photo of the 1978 Under 18 Team I will post. If anyone can let me know who some of the other players were, I remember the faces but not the names



Dec 3, 2019
AFL Club
Your correct it is Bob, he is my grand dad and I was only allowed to call him Bob. You are also correct about all mentioned families living in Jinghi Rd. I hear many stories of epic footy and cricket matches on Cheddar Rd which led them to establishing many sports clubs in the area for kids to have somewhere to go.

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