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Multiplat Hollow Knight

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by bixente, Jul 5, 2018.

  1. bixente

    bixente Senior List

    Feb 17
    Thought this masterpiece deserves It's own thread.

    So who else is playing it? I've sunk over 50 hours into it, pretty rubbish at it but so in love with it, got stuck with a few bosses like the Soul Master but I persevered and figured out their patterns and got it done eventually...

    The sense of discovery in this game is incredible. Coming across a new area, or a new person/bug/whatever is so thrilling.

    For this reason It's a good idea not to look up too much online and keep the experience as spoiler free as possible.

    Best game I've played on the Switch, ridiculous value, feel like I've robbed the devs.
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  2. Runnin Blue

    Runnin Blue The Oracle™️

    Apr 15
    The future
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    I keep hearing really good things about this and I’m seriously tempted. Plus, it’s by Aussie developers. But, I can’t shake the feeling that I won’t enjoy the art style. For some reason I don’t really enjoy the aesthetic of a lot of indie platformers that have too much going on on screen and try really hard to look like a cartoon. I find it distracting and much prefer the 8/16bit look. That’s probably because of my age.

    Mind you, that’s just from watching videos. I’m yet to actually play one. Maybe the gameplay would change my opinion.
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  3. Gethelred

    Gethelred Norm Smith Medallist

    May 16
    It's a gorgeous game, and I'm a sucker for Dark Souls storytelling.

    Only issue I've had is the sheer amount of backtracking and rekilling enemies I've already beaten. Sure, once you've gotten an area down, you can fly through it like a nail-wielding demon nearly completely invulnerable, but even that feeling of being overpowered - which feels like late game Morrowind, after you've customised everything and you're actually good at the game now, which is a little at odds with the actual game which is hard - gets a little old after a bit.

    That, and I've felt directionless at times, and I've had to run back to a bench to repin the badge which shows where you are on the map.

    Still, cannot complain about so much single player content for the price I paid. Worth its weight in gold in this era of multiplayer titles.
  4. Soups

    Soups Premium Platinum

    Jul 06
    Started playing this and thought after 1 go that would be it and I won’t be playing it again. It now has me hooked.
  5. bixente

    bixente Senior List

    Feb 17
    It starts off slow but once you persevere it gets so much better.
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