Strategy Hopes for trade and draft period

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Team Captain
Sep 20, 2019
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
I hope we get lachie fogarty( the only gettable tackling small forward) Jordan Clark ( is a gun gets the other wing) and Mason cox, most people dont like cox but I think he is the only ruck forward we can get and I like how he can turn a game I also believe with our numerous inside fifties it suits him and his hight , also wish we could get a proper full back but I can't see any available, draft wise I'm happy with the Nga fs selections hands are pretty tied I reckon

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Premium Platinum
Oct 5, 2020
North West
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Western Bulldogs
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FC Barcelona
Why nobody mentioned elite one on one + intercept mark KPD? Very few, but still hope. Dont mind cox for ruck + hanan (which so far the closest done deal).
Keep dunks. Lock JUH


Premium Platinum
Oct 5, 2020
North West
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
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FC Barcelona
Maybe Harris Andrews and Nick Haynes?
mate...we can do this all night long, but please give me name that when we ask we don’t get this answer: “If I wanted to sell the house for market value there would be a for sale sign out the front”.... and we can’t even offer market value for those players

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Club Legend
Apr 2, 2018
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
I would love to add Jordan Clark from the Cats for some more pace. For our ruck issue I think we may have to go a little more long term than i would like and try to get one of Sam Hayes or CCJ.
A KPD would be great don't see anything worthwhile in the market though


Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 17, 2014
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Other Teams
Not a fan of overseas teams.....
If Duckley leaves then upgrade two firsts for pick 2, either take it or swap it for a club like North, Sydney or Hawks for a rediculous trade, because they are wanting MacDonald massively it could be a pick swap of 2 for Norths 3 with Tarrent and then get hollands.
Pick up Cox for a RF to help out English. If we don't do that we are Def not making top 4 with just English.
Swap Richard's with Stephenson, Richard's will be good but we need speed around the forwardline.
Hannan cheap.
Swap with the Pies 2021 first round for our pick 12 if needed to match a JUH bid.
If not needed swap it for Trelore and and they pay a bit more of his salary then they intended because they are getting some money off their cap plus overs regarding a first round pick for Adam.
If Dunkley stays obviously it changes a bit, he will be a gun at the Bombers or us , but him leaving could help imensly.


Senior List
Aug 25, 2020
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
My hopes and dreams would have been a lot higher a month or so ago, but taking everything into account and being realistic:

1. Keep Dunkley
2. Find enough points to comfortably bring in Jamarra

Those 2 I’m pretty confident of. From there:

3. Small forwards. Bring Hannan in cheap (maybe a 3-way where we lose Lachie Young). Add another small pressure forward, either a Ronke/McPherson type for peanuts or draft a mature ager.

4. Ruck help. I’d go after Darcy Fort/Tom Hickey to be our main ruck with English in a Justin Westhoff style utility role. Not world beaters I know but I believe they would improve us. Possibly pick up another battler for depth dependant on list spots.

5. Key defender. This would be higher on the list if there were any realistic targets I could see. Would have liked Corr or Aliir but that’s not happening. Neither is Tarrant from the sounds of it. Unless a surprise happens I think we’ll be working with what we currently have going into next year

Barking Mad

All Australian
Dec 2, 2011
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
I’m taking a different tact.

see if we can get 7 & 8 for Dunks and upgrade later picks to Dons.
Use 7 plus a 3rd or 4th for someone we can offload (likes of Dale, young, R Smith, Gowers etc) for Treloar with Pies paying at least $200k of contract.
Use 8 and 14 plus Player (as above)to Kangas for Goldy, 11 & 27.
11 then goes to JUH bid (extra 168 pts than 14).
North end up with around pick 27 and a player for Goldy. Overs at his age but he’s contacted just like we believe Dunks is valued more as contacted. North also need players.
we’d lose dunks but get Treloar, Goldy, upgraded 1st rnd pick plus a Pick in the 20’s


The Unofficial Face of Bigfooty Bulldogs-NGA & VFL
Oct 9, 2011
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Western Bulldogs
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Chicago Bulls

Smart trading
Money ball players
Hold Dunks unless two first rounder
Securing Ugle-Hagan, Raak and MacPherson without destroying our draft pool

Worse outcome

Overpaying draft picks to secure Ugle-Hagan
Overpaying for a ruck


Brownlow Medallist
Oct 19, 2012
Minas Morgul
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs

1) Cox or Ratagolea - Cox better at taps and more dangerous forward option, Ratagolea got better mobility and skills. I lean towards Cox cause he would be cheaper. Cox also has more experience taking the biggest defender.
2) Dunkley kept or two 2021 top 10 draft picks.
3) If Dunkley goes look to secure another player. I'd consider pillaging Collingwood's salary dump. Treloar/Stephenson/Phillips
4) JUH hopefully a pick 3 bid or later.


Premium Platinum
Jun 17, 2009
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Western Bulldogs
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1. Retain Dunkley unless it's absolutely ridiculous overs (and Essendon might just be desperate enough despite Dodo's form). It's not just his playing output, it's the importance of building a core group through their peak years to be a side that challenges for the top 4 every year. Dunkley's an important part of that core and is already offering onfield leadership. Losing him sets us back.

2. Jamarra (preferably for a bid after pick 3)

3. Raak and MacPherson with not much outlay.

4. A forward/ruck that Bevo will actually pick in the side to help out our overgrown midfielder Tim English. That could be Cox or Ratugolea or someone else. Of those two I prefer Ratugolea because he's mobile and he's young (22) compared to Cox (29) and still has improvement potential. Cox is not going to get any better but might be a little superior to Ratu at the boundary throw-ins which is where our need is greatest.

5. Jaidyn Stephenson would be a great get if the price is not too high. Yes, there's a chance he might fail but that doesn't necessarily mean it's a stupid trade - it's a risk/reward assessment.

6. A minor cleanout of players who have been going nowhere. Lachie Young appears to be gone already (I'd have kept him) but there's limited value in hanging onto Gowers, Lynch, Porter and - sadly - Trengove (because Bevo won't pick him in the seniors). Suckling and Hayes: maybe a one-year contract at best.

7. Mitch Hannan - meh from me. If he comes I hope he does well but my expectations are low.

8. If we do lose Dunkley then Treloar would be a good replacement (not like for like) as long as we don't have to pay a ridiculous salary.

If we achieved the first five on that list I'd be very pleased.


Nov 14, 2012
The "Elephant" in the room.
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
I will have the chicken with the roast vegetables with gravy, it's like that scene from Braveheart when the heavy horse are charging, Hold, Hold, Hold. This year could be like a bad porn, i just have a bad feeling.

Snarls Barkley

Norm Smith Medallist
Jun 7, 2012
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Other Teams
San Antonio, West Ham, Renegades

1. Don't do anything stupid, like trading Dunkley
2. Get more draft points to match a JUH Bid


1. Quick natural small forward. Must be able to crumb and be great at pressuring and tackles. No more mids and half backs masquerading as forwards
2. A ruckman who can compliment and help out English. Preferably a stronger body with experience. Can't be a ruck only type like Preuss who offer nothing around the ground.

I think the core of our side is really good. Would love to an a-grader if possible but would be happy to just address the main issues (ruck, natural forwards) and I think we can make a big push forward next season

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