How did we go yesterday?

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Jul 4, 2002
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Collingwood FC
Anyone not going back to work tomorrow?

As for me I had a good collect on Rubitano at Caulfield, I'm a big fan of the Mayfield-Smith stable and follow his horses religiously, keep an eye on this one along with Prince Rubiton which came third in the same race.

I probably would have backed Romatic Sea in the second but slept in and missed the race, not to worried as it only payed $2.30 or something like that.

Danny Chook Fan Club

Premiership Player
Feb 8, 2001
Didn't have too much of a play on the neddies, most of the outlay on the AFL.

Backed Richardson to kick the first goal on Friday. I know it's a raffle bet, but I'm determined to keep going until I get at least one collect. The week before I wanted to back Richard Vandenberg, but he wasn't an option. Wasn't prepared to take the "All Others", so I watched on as the Butcher scored. This week, Richo grasses a sharp chances before handballing to Pettifer for the first. Richo handballing? Now I've not only seen it all, but I've lost money in every way possible.

Backed Richmond 13-36. Looked good for a while.

Took a Saturday double, Hawthorn into Kangaroos. $4.75, thanks for coming. Went to collect and plonked on a Geelong/Fremantle double. Not enough on it obviously, I'm still working, but did alright.

Gave some of it back on some early races yesterday. One day I will learn to only bet in Victoria. One day.

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