How did you stumble upon Bigfooty?

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Club Legend
Dec 7, 2011
Wentz Wagon
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Just for something different, thought I would see if anyone has any interesting stories of how they came across the hellscape that is Bigfooty.

For me, it was early 2008 and the halcyon days of Gavin Urquhart. He had just played a blinder, and if my failing memory serves me correctly, that was the game with the epic chase-down-holding-the-ball tackle. I was desperate to find other people that shared my excitement over what would surely turn out to be our next superstar, and threw search after search into Mr Google looking for anyone that would agree with me. 12 years later and I'm still here :$

Anyone got any good stories?

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Hearts to hearts

Brownlow Medallist
Mar 16, 2001
Melbourne VIC
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North Melbourne
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Wales, Eastwood, West Ham
Not interesting, but back in 2000 I found the old NMFC fans board (can't remember the name of it now) through a friend who had heard of it but wasn't a regular - and in early 2001 a bunch of us moved over here (Rose, Shinboners, who else?). It was better managed and easier to use than the old one, still a pretty small group here until early 2002 when this board exploded in the light of the Carey/Stevo/Arch events.


Existential crisis management consultant
Apr 28, 2008
The Championship
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North Melbourne
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Wycombe Wanderers
I joined the day after the Sydney 19th man game. I'd just moved to Melbourne and wanted/needed to connect with other NMFC folk.

I think that was the week that Lidge passed away so perhaps there was mention of him at the social club event pre- or post-game?

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Two time hall of famer - AFS thread
Sep 3, 2012
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North Melbourne
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Milwaukee Brewers
Sooz used to bat on about umpiring threads on book face, went googling circa 2010 and came across a thread "holding court for swiper until he can get home and unleash".

Not quite word for word, but the same meaning and it was after a disgraceful display at Etihad.


Horny for UFOs
Aug 21, 2011
Basement of the J. Edgar Hoover Building
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North Melbourne
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Manchester City, Melbourne Victory
Entirely unrelated to North, just saw Geelong obliterate Melbourne by 30 goals and was curious how Dees fans were reacting.

My mate a few months before had mentioned the forum and I essentially searched and found it. Lurked for a few months and then finally made an account.

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