Food, Drink & Dining Out How do you take your coffee?

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Hawk Dork

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Feb 9, 2005
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this is a bizarre brag. if you haven't actually worked as a barista in high volume with specialty coffee then any certificate is entirely irrelevant.
lol,,,,, Cert 3 is serious business :moustache:

I did the course when I was volunteering for a spots club..... they didnt even have a machine ???

Not much too it on a small scale lots of RSI on a large scale though

I make 2 coffees a day (wife and I),they are better than a lot of high volume coffees I have bought.
The only ones that are better use better fresher beans and a bigger machine in a temperate climate.
To me the difference is not enough to make me change

But 1 day I might buy a good grinder and beans and a stronger machine.its not a real priority though

and yes I like a good Boho cafe if I see one.... but its pretty rare last cafe I went to was in Melb at Xmas,I have a few good ones I used to go to regularly when I lived there

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Sep 29, 2006
AFL Club
I was never sure how it happened, or it might be because of the fact they grew up with terrible coffee but I can never remember my folks drinking instant, it was always fresh beans with a percolater or drip filter machine.

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