Roast How does Damian Barrett still have AFL Media accreditation?

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Mar 19, 2008
Narre Warren North
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Comment about purple and co on SEN this morning "How much red wine do they drink when they make those podcasts "?

Barrett had been talking about star players salaries.
Apparently the star players are only earning around three times the average, and since the average includes the first year players , they should get much more. In an ideal ( salary cap free , in his view ) world, Nat Fyfe would be earning $8mill per year, because people only go to the footy to see the Stars.
( would be interesting to see Sydney attendance figures, with/without Buddy ).

Yes purple its more than the Prime Minister earns.
No doubt Purple would then proceed to bag out the club administrators for failing to attract the huge sponsorship they would need under his scheme.

Sponsorship is a huge issue in Australia. For example, last year, $50 from every Holden went to Collingwood, while the company itself is operating in the red.
( Now if i was buying a Holden, i'd prefer free mats than Collingwood getting one cent )
There simply are not a lot of huge companies to benefit from such deals.
May 13, 2018
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To be fair, I thought it was a horrible deal when I heard about it. Lether's is very good mates with Hanner's old man, I believe his old man got him his gig at Old Xav's back in the day which probably started his journey towards the AFL.

I have also heard about Hanner's having a "good off-season". Enough for me to think there's no way we'll get $800k a year worth out of him.

The deal was a very very risky one and lots of water to go under the bridge before you can say it's successful but it won't take much to say it's not.

I'd actually believe Barrett's take on this especially seeing as how keen Sydney were to offload him.
Sydney were keen to offload him because they wanted to offload some senior players to start running their younger mids through the midfield. Its pure List development, or they'll fall off a cliff in a year or two.

Journos at Fairfax are under pressure, Fairfax merged with Channel 9 because they are shrinking.

Nowadays when journos claim sources, they could very well be sources of the anonymous kind or the unreliable kind or the social media kind. His source could have very well been Saintsational.

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