Trades How many trades left 2019

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Oct 17, 2012
Summer Bay
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Requiem and Here2tellyouwhy it looks like it's gonna be a race between you two to see who can be first to burn their last trade when SC opens next Sunday evening.

Of course H2TYW will have the advantage as it opens half an hour earlier in SA :thumbsu:
I just need 30 seconds, Tuurdsma > Ryan.

Hopefully the power goes out in SA for an unspecified period of time.;)


Norm Smith Medallist
May 19, 2004
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So I've been far too conservative this year. Used 3 Trades last week and this week, have 13 Left.

Team is in good shape though
Still starting
Hore (Can upgrade to Full Premo next week)
Two mid Rookies (Constable/Atkins/O Baker/Stack/Clarke) but will be upgrading one of them to Cripps next week
Mumford in Ruck (planned to upgrade to Gawn this week, but Mumford dropped back down so will persist for a while)
Full premium in Forward

My bench cover is poor but I'll still have 9 trades left once Full Premo- it's just taken me too long to get there

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