Trades How many trades left?

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Faz 2000

Norm Smith Medallist
May 10, 2007
Under the table
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Pittsburgh Penguins
10 not counting any extras, and $270k to do some renos.

Should be able to do some damage. If I just makes enough trades I can get the job done...


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Team Captain
Apr 4, 2019
AFL Club
North Melbourne
I have 8 having used them all, which means even when I am unable to resist trading twice this week I will have 6 going into finals, which has never happened before. I also have 20 ‘Premo’s’ in my team (albeit some of them sh*t). Any downgrades now will be purely on JS grounds, too late to buy anyone to generate cash I feel.


Brownlow Medallist
Jun 14, 2010
AFL Club
St Kilda
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Denver, Liverpool
8 including the extra 3. Have to deal with Sicily’s injury, and also have McPherson at D7.

2 rookies left on field (Wicks/Bytel/Schoenberg) at M8 and (Aarts/Close) at F6

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Hall of Famer
Jan 31, 2012
patterson lakes
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Boston Celtics
4 left, but into 4/4 cashy prelims, so will sit pat until then. Need Draper & rooks like Rivers/Schoen to moo like fu** to maximise luxury upgrade $$$.

No injuries would be splendid in the meantime too. 😎


Premiership Player
Aug 15, 2009
Edinburgh, Scotland
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St Kilda
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North Sydney Bears Rugby League
7. Undecided whether to trade this week. And there are some decent options too. Having joined the 0 trades group a few weeks out from the end a few times, last year I held back and had 1 or 2 trades at the end that I didn't really need to use. Didn't get a last minute injury or selection panic and had nothing really to downgrade or upgrade. Will try to just have 1 at the end for insurance.

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