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How to read the play better?

Discussion in 'Skills, Coaching, Admin, Umpires' started by lions2002, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. lions2002

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    Jul 16
    So I've been playing footy for a number of years, and my biggest weakness was reading the play. I don't get many touches in the senoirs side, and I recongised it was because of my lack of footy sense and reading the play. Games like keeping offs, where it touches the ground, turnover. I am the worst at, and rarely get a touch. Because of my weakness. So I was wondering if anyone out there could give me any tips or advice as to where to run, and things like that, thankyou.

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  2. Drugs Are Bad Mackay?

    Drugs Are Bad Mackay? Moderator

    May 06
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    Follow the best player around. Run where they do. Take note of how hard they work, when they go in for the ball, where they position themselves to receive
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