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Sep 27, 2014
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Once had to help a lady who quite literally earns double what I do, who's job specs state 'advanced Excel skills' and is in a fairly technical role, cut and paste columns in Excel.

I put a formal complaint/query (not sure what you'd class it as but I wanted it raised as to how people so incompetent are higher up than I am) in with the top dog as this is rife here. To my amazement, 'I have a bad attitude' for not doing their job for them. HR and middle management in general are useless campaigners in big business (as it isn't their money being wasted/no accountability)
Easier for the person who got them the job (possibly out of friendship/nepotism) to crap on you than acknowledge a fu** up or heaven forfend look bad by hiring another person. When lousy staff are senior enough and been around long enough it's hard for them to be unemployable because of the ass covering.

I heard governments are considering bringing in laws about bullshit glowing references.
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Apr 30, 2017
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They probably know and understand the laws and agreements, but if you're making a complaint their job is to stall for the superior/organisation. Unofficially of course.
So is complaining re HR a waste of time?
Or would they make that reflect on the Employee?
In terms of future employment?


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HR are box tickers.

If you want to make a sexual harassment complaint or something then their priority is protocol. They want to be able to transparently show that your complaint was received, logged and processed through the appropriate channel.

The validity of your complaint and any outcome runs secondary.

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