Autopsy Hubba Hubba, Blues blast the Dogs on the Coast

Who do you think played a good game for the Blues v the Dogs?

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Team Captain
Oct 5, 2016
Melbourne, Australia
AFL Club
First and absolutely foremost to the whipping boys (Gibbo, Newnes & Ed) take a bloody bow lads!

The best team performance I can remember in a very long time (probably the bulldogs game last season )

I love you baggers, weekend absolutely made!!!

This is the Carlton we will be seeing often in the future, you can bloody see it I tell ya.

Final note - our three forwards (Cas, Harry and Mitch) how bloody good is their ball use for big boys?!

Also, also, Bam Bam is absolutely the big bodied midfielder we've been missing!

Also, also, also... 100 points!!!! Raise that bat lads!

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