Senior Hunter Clark - Player Advocate: Keg still on legs

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Team Captain
Feb 20, 2014
AFL Club
St Kilda
Well trendsetters what a performance by a player so young. Poise skill and a bit of plain old mongrel makes him a potential Brownlow medalist.

His loping flat foot stride running style reminds me of someone for the life of me I cannot remember and it will bug me until I get it. Stay tuned. Anyone who can help me with some examples would be very appreciated.

Bit of Luke Hodge, Paul Kelly Robbie Flower...but there is one player he reminds me of..just cannot put a name....Ragsy Gould...nah HELP.

Oh what a great game by HC.16 kicks 3 handballs 7 marks and 4 tackles.
Bring on Collingwood can see him running off that little sh*t Jamie Elliot and creating havoc.
Go Saints

Brains Trust66

Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 31, 2016
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St Kilda
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The fans have spoken, and as voted by you, Hunter Clark is the Round 8 Dare Iced Coffee Sainter of the Round.

Clark was superb across half-back and through the midfield in Saturday night’s resounding triumph over Port Adelaide, notching up 24 disposals (nine contested) and five rebound-50s to guide the Saints to its second win in five days at Adelaide Oval.

The 21-year-old emerged in front of onlookers’ eyes as he effortlessly weaved through heavy midfield congestion and slipped tackles with ease.


Team Captain
Feb 20, 2014
AFL Club
St Kilda
Just an okay game for my friend against Sydney. 20 touches and a goal. Signs of a good player when he is unobtrusive but still racks up possessions to be top 4 possession getter for the Saints.

The club has such am even spread of contributors it means no one stands out more. Great way to be. We have had stand out champions Burke Harvey Loewe Riewoldt et al and no premiership to show for it.

Hope the trend stays the same and we get a different result come finals time.

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Brains Trust66

Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 31, 2016
AFL Club
St Kilda
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Five minutes on the clock: How one young Saint made the difference
Five minutes left on the clock. Four points the difference. Among it all, one of St Kilda’s youngest has stood tall in those anxious few moments.
By Chris Nice - 1 day ago

Five minutes left on the clock. Four points the difference. Gold Coast are coming.
The pressure mounts with each agonising second as the Suns continue to puncture the Saints’ defensive end.
Each well-struck blow wears down the young contingent, each jab inside the arc a test of their resolve. The time continues to tick down. The pressure steadily rises.
Among it all, one of St Kilda’s youngest seizes the moment.
Four-and-a-half minutes to go.

Jack Lukosius sets himself for a forward 50 entry.
A Jack Lukosius probing kick inside-50 – a repeat entry – is thwarted by his desperate spoil.
A hurried ping at the goalface follows, and seconds later, the young Saint mops up the groundball.
Effortlessly, he weaves around four Suns with the silk we’ve come to expect.
I think what did it was just his composure with the ball, it’s his greatest strength.
- Aaron Hamill
He feigns a kick on his left as Alex Sexton bears down, sells the dummy and pumps the ball and the Saints out of danger on his right.
Four minutes to go.

Jake Carlisle holds the defence down.
The ball is back in his hands after the Saints’ press forward is halted by the Suns.
Another long kick out of danger – his second rebound in under a minute – sees Dan Butler win a free kick.
Thirty seconds elapse ever-so-slowly, hearts are in mouths as a defensive turnover on the paint of 50 presents a perfect opportunity for the Suns to stick the dagger in.
An alleviating smother from Jake Carlisle and the ball tumbles out again.
Once again, he’s the first on the scene. A quick-fire handball out – his third rebound – and the Suns’ weight closes in on a beleaguered Zak Jones.
Three minutes to go.

Dan Butler gives a much-needed reprieve.
Jones slams the ball out to avoid a costly free kick, and he’s there.
Composed, calm and assured, he slips a tackle, sees an opening and takes it.
He’s a really good decision-maker, he made good decisions under pressure and mostly when the team needed it.
- Aaron Hamill
Some deft footwork, another feigned hand-off and he’s away, striding forward before cannoning the ball towards milestone man Paddy Ryder on the wing.
The 250-gamer collects, sees a flash streaking past and handballs it to a running Butler. 10 points the difference.
Two minutes to go.

Izak Rankine brings the margin back to four points.
Moments later, Gold Coast’s Izak Rankine immediately turns the heat back on with a sizzler of his own deep in attack. Back to the middle.
Four points the difference.
Another Suns entry, a Callum Wilkie intercept and the time trickles down as the Saints frantically hold on to their slender lead.
One minute to go.

It’s make or break.
The Suns win the clearance on centre wing, their sixth inside-50 in the five-minute block is repelled by a thumping Dougal Howard spoil.
It’s anyone’s ball, and the young Saint sees his moment.
I think his belief in terms of being part of the back seven is growing every week.
- Aaron Hamill
He pounces on the loose footy and squeezes out a handball in the nick of time as Ben King pumps the brakes with a grounding tackle.
Howard follows up and receives, the ball lands in Max King’s hands moments later.
Final siren.

The Saints triumphant in Paddy Ryder's 250th.
Saints win.
And among it all, one of St Kilda’s youngest has stood tall.
Five minutes on the clock.
Six touches, three rebounds, one spoil.
One Hunter Clark.


Club Legend
Jan 24, 2013
AFL Club
St Kilda
This guys needs a career highlights reele, I would do if it if I had the means. Honestly I've never seen a player with the level of composure at such a young age, don;t underestimate his toughness either as hard as they come.

Keg still on legs

Team Captain
Jul 24, 2020
AFL Club
St Kilda
From the saints website. Apologies for the formatting. I'm no tech head

At a glance:Saints leader Seb Ross says Hunter Clark is poised to have a "great year" as part of the Saints' on-ball brigade.Clark collected 24 disposals and eight clearances, lining up for 16 centre bounces.The No. 11 was brought down by a high bump in the opening seconds of the game, but played on unaffected to be one of the Saints' cleanest users on the night.

More minutes on-ball for Hunter Clark has him primed and ready for an impactful season, according to Saints leader Seb Ross.

The 21-year-old rounded out his evening against the Blues with 24 disposals and a game-high eight clearances, lining up for 16 centre bounces in the Saints’ high-rotation midfield group.

As usual, Clark’s silky evasion skills accompanied his clean disposal (88 per cent), both of which aided the side offensively and defensively.




'We think it can be a real strength of ours': Ross on Saints' midfield depth

Seb Ross spoke to STK Media after our AAMI Community Series win over Carlton.

Published label.timestamp.days.plural ago

“I think Hunts has really set himself up for a great year,” Ross told

“He’s had a terrific pre-season and coaches have been really keen to expose him to more inside time.

Seamless Saints surge past battered Blues

“We love seeing it, the fans love seeing it – just the ability he’s got to step around blokes and use either side of his body.

“He does some things a lot of us boys can’t do, and I think Saints fans would have seen the highlight last week against North Melbourne – the around-the-back spin or whatever he did.

“He does one or two things like that a game where you nearly start clapping your hands and applauding him because it’s unbelievable.”

Clark’s night appeared to be over in the opening seconds after being floored by a high bump from Carlton recruit Zac Williams.

The No. 11 duly picked himself back up and carried on mere moments later, spending majority of the first term alongside Williams and Jack Martin at centre bounce.

“That’s always been a big part of his game,” Ross said.

“I remember playing down in Hobart and he just ran back with the flight and copped a massive hit from Jack Ziebell coming up the other way, and he just got back up on his feet and kept playing.

“He hasn’t got the biggest frame, but he’s got courage in spades.”

Clark was joined by several new faces at centre bounce as the Saints experimented a combination of midfield line-ups.

Ross, Jack Sinclair, Jack Steele and the returning Jade Gresham spent consistent minutes on-ball, while Brad Crouch, Jack Bytel and Jack Billings joined the group at various times throughout the night.

“Getting getting a different range of guys in through the centre bounce and exposing them to it, we think it can be a real strength of ours throughout the year and it’ll keep us dynamic,” Ross said.

“Tonight was just another great opportunity to get those guys through there and we’re learning more and more about the new guys week in, week out.

“It’s going to be tough for the coaches come Round 1, because I think everyone’s putting their best foot forward.”


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