Roast I have No Repect for Kyrgios and Tomic

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Obese Arachnid

Chombo Molombo Aficionado
Jan 11, 2008
Dirty Boulevard
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It was the worst behaved tennis crowd I've seen.

What, Nick treated them to the greatest tennis match of the year (outside of the Aus Open) and they have the audacity to boo him off the court? They were disgraceful today. They constantly jeered and booed him for no reason, cheered missed first serves, yelled out during serves and rallies, and pretty much cost Nick the match by calling out during the point when the score was 5-5 in the third set tiebreak. I'm angry now just thinking about it.
Sounds like fans who don't like a prick.

Maybe he should stop being a prick.


Lover of IPA
Apr 10, 2010
AFL Club
These Guy are just Idiots who always seem to Embrass Themselves and Australia.

Both like Making Scenes when they are not getting there way. They Abuse the Equipment,Umpires and Fans. They look to be Very Mentally Weak.

I just can't stand these 2 Arrogant Tossers.

They are Young Talents but I have no Respect for either one
Did you see the Davis Cup result?

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