I want it to be our turn soon....I really, really do!!!

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Sep 13, 2016
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North Melbourne
They already have the perennial minnow club that finally found success, they don’t need another. Afl would be strongly in favour of a small club embrace a new start in Tasmania, through their grit, strong rapport with grassroots football and massive financial & draft support achieves success in a new frontier. Of course, most of you north ppl here would not have a bar of it and most likely those in charge of north as they r still stuck in the mindset of we are north..... kangaroos is not a specific place put an etho, an idea, if ppl can’t see that they they will forever be blinded to their own ignorance. We can only be as successful as our vision allows. If we are blind to new ways to success, then you die. Evolution does not give a toss about your sentiment nor nostalgia.
Sorry not very good at this:

Have read your posts from afar for some time now - without bias, discrimination or influence of others, always considering and tolerating your views.

-“most of you north ppl”
- “they r still stuck in the mindset of we are north..”
- “kangaroos is not a specific place put an etho”

Above are not the words of a NORTH MELBOURNE person.

Not sure what your agenda is as you spend much time and effort posting?

Would appreciate some feedback and further insight.

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