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Of course I do, Curly. I'm not that senile yet. Didn't you post on the old Bulldogs board and then came here? I think you were the one who told me about BF or maybe it was localyokel. Wasn't the Doggies board closed and some of us drifted here? Good times. I shall never forgive you for not flying down for that Geelong match I went to in May 2002 on my first visit back. I think both Mo and Larry were there. I went with a few other BF posters like PC28 and sigscotty and Guido. What a great time I had during that visit. That was part of the reason I had planned on returning to Melbourne in Jan 2003. Unfortunately home circumstances changed that in Dec 2002.

At least Virgin Dog knows who I am! That should count for something, right? ;)
Gee wiz.

Some old names there I had forgotten about.

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