Roast IF it isn't biased or ncompetent..... THEN it must be inciteful media coverage part II

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Jun 20, 2008
Rainy Park City
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I don't have an issue with late season nominations being on body of work, but just come out and say that. Or ideally, just give a nomination out each week of finals to an eligible kid that had a great year but never had a statement game.
After Bunga being snubbed to those grand leaders Franklin and then Fyfe, who knows how they make these decisions.

Ambrose Burnside

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Dec 8, 2006
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West Coast
At least with these awards, the opinion is subjectIve.
Where something is objective, like the All Australian full forward being the leading goalkicker, how can they explain Coleman medalist Scott Cumming’s absence from the AA that year?
Still pisses me off

But not as much as official West Coast publications getting the year he won the Coleman wrong (one of the Flying High books from memory) :(

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Aug 12, 2014
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Footy classified having a masssssive winge about teams having hub in a hotel if we play a final in Perth lol.
Haha, jesus.
Just don't finish 8th, then and they won't have to do it. Like MCG GFs, home finals played away etc. it's just the way it is.
Would have loved to see Caro blow her top it if it was Richmond!


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Sep 16, 2006
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Honestly gotta feel for Sidebottom if we finish 5th and the pies 8th. Two weeks quarantine in QLD and then will have to spend a week in Perth. Honestly its surreal teams still cant FIFO into the state considering the extent they are being tested. Feels like a fair portion of the state is suffering Stockholm syndrome in regards to McGowan. A lot of these strict state measures are absolutely not needed.

If it were up to me: team flies in day of game, plays game, flies straight back after game, win or lose. No quarantine needed.

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