If West Coast win the 2019 premiership are they superior to Brisbane 2001-2003 and Hawthorn 2013-2015?


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West Coast wouldn't even be a premiership side if the umpires hadn't missed the blatant free kick to Collingwood that ended up being WC winning goal.

However you can't compare the dominance of the Bris and Hawks teams over a longer period to the current WC side which is good but enjoyed a run of home finals to get to the big day and wasn't really a standout team over the year. If they win this year and next and make the gf the year after then they can.be part of the discussion.

If you want to talk gifting premierships, does that mean we can discount the 92 and 94 premierships or the drug assisted 06 one?

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Why would you discount 92 and 94? When did I say to discount Lions flags? In the Eagles terms, our 2018 flag is better than our 92 and 94 flags because of the few concessions we got.

And recreational drug use off the field doesnt taint a flag. Do you even know how prevalent it is off the field? Or do you just believe what you want to believe?

Bad calls happen 50 times a game. Only an absolute dh would say WC werent worthy champions.
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Fortunately WCE and Freo have no other club able to draft WA talent.

Imagine if any of the other 16 teams were able to have WA players on their list.

Such a mythical system could see them having Duncan, Taylor, Clark, Kelly, Menegola and Narkle in one team.
So how many clubs can chase Tim Kelly's services if he decides to return home?


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Mar 30, 2008
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So how many clubs can chase Tim Kelly's services if he decides to return home?
That is not what you were talking about.
You said we only have to fight Freo for WA players.

Kelly is on Geelong's list - so proof that WA teams don't have exclusive use of WA draftees despite your claim.
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You know there's something I don't get, if it's such a huge advantage for Vic teams to play at the MCG, half the time we play other Vic teams there in finals anyway, has any non Vic team ever even played a final against a team from their own state? Should we be discounting their road to the finals? That's as absurd as saying a 3 peat isn't as good as a back to back, because that's saying your team has never played a fair finals match.


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Now let me start this by saying IF West Coast win the flag this year then this question should be asked.

West Coast don't have either salary cap concessions like Brisbane 01-03 and the home ground factor Hawthorn had in 13-15.

If West Coast were to win the flag this year should they be rated ahead of Brisbane 01-03 and Hawthorn 13-15?
Absolutely. I've already conceded they are the greatest team of all time.
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