If you could bring one retired Lion

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Apr 24, 2020
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
For the sake of the thread not getting predictable lets say you can't pick Voss, Black, Aker, Brown, Lappin. So outside of those guys who would it be?

Personally and probably with a bit of bias I would bring in Darryl White who probably my favourite all time player after Voss. He could play anywhere forward, back, in the midfield even in the ruck if required. He was just so versatile and could fill any need or role required. He was a great defender and would slot into our back 6 pretty bloody well. I don't remember him being beaten 1 on 1 too often. He could take #3 talls, small-mid forwards and dangerous resting mids like Martin.

My second choice would be Chris Johnson, his kicking in, decision making, skills, speed etc would be a great addition. Imagine Johno kicking out under the current rules. He'd dance around the man on the mark and hit one of forwards on the chest within scoring range.

I thought about key position players like Leppa and Bradshaw etc who would push our #2 or #3 KPP out of the team and strengthen it that way but in the end I thought the versatility of White would be a better option as I think we are doing pretty well in the key positions.

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Doc Hattori

Team Captain
Oct 5, 2008
Taylors Lakes
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Go back a bit further and bring in Bernie Quinlan, outstanding on the lead or one on one contested mark or ground level, very accurate kick. Perfect deep forward to exploit the new man on the mark rule. While you're at it, bring in Matt Rendell, a bit better all round than Oscar, Paul Roos for his game sense and intercept marking would be the perfect modern hybrid/ tall defender, miles better than Lester, Payne or Adams and finally if you're looking for run and skill off half back there was none better than Laurie Serafini.

Jason mp

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Aug 31, 2015
By the Gabba.
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Brisbane Lions
Other Teams
Valleys. Chelsea.
Brett Voss or Darren Bradshaw.

No seriously, a fully fit Brendan Fevola... Fevola, Daniher and Hipwood would be a reasonably threatening tall forward combo.


Premiership Player
Apr 4, 2015
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
If I can't have Voss, Roos or Aker it'd have to be someone to fill what our need is.

So that would be Chris Johnson or Rendell.

Quinlan would be unstoppable with the policing of today's game but as an accepted champ I guess we can't have him either.

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Brownlow Medallist
Sep 7, 2007
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Brisbane Lions
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Chelsea, Boston Red Sox

Anyway, Damian Cupido with an attitude overhaul.
For mine, for the same reasons I'd also put forward Mitch Clark who should've achieved so much more.

Rhan Hooper is another that with the right attitude could've achieved anything.

It goes without saying that Chris Johnson and Darryl White would definitely be top of the list, was thinking more left field.

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