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Mar 9, 2006
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Geelong and Adelaide are getting a necessary bye this week. We all know the devastating circumstances and it is fully justified.

If you wanted to ensure every team played the same number of matches in 2015 while still playing each other team at least once, you could take these matches out of the fixture:

R15: GWS vs St. Kilda
R16: North Melb vs Essendon (move Coll vs WCE or Geel vs WB to Friday night)
R17: Richmond vs Fremantle
R18: Collingwood vs Melbourne
R20: Brisbane vs Carlton
R21: Hawthorn vs Port Adelaide (move St.K vs Geel or Adel vs Bris to Friday night)
R21: West Coast vs W Bulldogs
R23: Sydney vs Gold Coast (not ideal to give Sydney a rest before finals, but it's either this or the Grand Final replay in R16 or the GWS derby in R21)

Just an idea. I think the loss of revenue etc makes it moot, we'll live with the single cancellation.

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