If you were AD for a day

Discussion in 'The Footy Industry' started by Tex_21, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. Perry Pie

    Perry Pie All Australian

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    Besiktas J.K.
    Sep 19, 2009
    Perfect - all realistc things that can be achieved and will improve the sport.

    (I would also empty his bank account - I need the money more than he does).

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  2. Meow

    Meow Club Legend

    Sep 4, 2008
    Moggs Creek
    The red/green/yellow uniforms worn now are horrible and don't suit umpires at all, they look like Teletubbies in them. White uniform is more traditional, has far more visual appeal, and would thus be perfect (AFL claim they got rid of it because it clashed with certain club jumpers, I reckon it sure as hell didn't clash with any of them). Really miss kick-to-kick like it used to be (only have it nowadays at Kardinia Park, SCG, and the Gabba I think). Oh, and another thing I'd do if I were AD- remove GC & GWS, revive Fitzroy (not very realistic though), and add a team in Tasmania.
    A previous poster suggested redeveloping Western Oval and using it for some Bulldogs home games, reckon this would be a top idea if it could be brought up to AFL standard. Oh how I miss suburban grounds. :(:heart:
  3. Ice-Wolf

    Ice-Wolf Brownlow Medallist

    St Kilda
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    Anaheim Ducks, PSV Eindhoven
    Sep 19, 2007
    Mornington Peninsula
    1. Implement a 3 Conference system for the AFL (see below)
    2. Begin the process of building a 25-30k Seat stadium in Frankston or the upper Mornington Peninsula for the use of St Kilda (more people live in Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula than Greater Geelong)
    3. Set aside funding for an AFL reserve competition
    4. Set aside funding for and AFL Womens competition
    5. Bring back zones with clubs linked to local football leagues using a bidding system like the F/S
    6. Decree that teams may wear whatever jumper they like for home games and the away team must wear a jumper that does not clash if they can't work out a solution the wear a grey top & shorts & socks with team colour trim and the clubs logo on the front. Port will be able to wear the prison bars for home games.
    7. Move Collingwoods training and admin facilites back to Victora Park and hand over the Olymipc park facilities to Melbourne

    3 Conference System

    St Kilda
    Gold Coast

    North Melbourne

    Western Sydney

    Port Adelaide

    West Coast

    Each Conference also has a sub grouping for fixturing.

    Each year you Play your own Conference Home & Away and One of the Groups from Each of the Other Conference Home and One of the groups for each of the conferences away. The next year the teams you play home and away are reversed.

    I.E. 1 year you would play your own Conference Home & Away and Conference 2a & 3a at Home and Conference 2b and 3b Away
    Tge next year you would play your Own Conference Home & Away and Conference 2a & 3a at Away and Conference 2b and 3b Home

    Top two teams from each conference qualify for finals automatically plus the 2 best records out of the rest. top teams for each conference qualify as the top 3 with 4th being the best record outside the top 3. Finals operate as now.
  4. toeknee2

    toeknee2 Senior List

    Jan 23, 2008
    If I were AD for a day I would,

    1. Trial NAB cup games with each team only having one forward pocket and one back pocket. Flooding and rolling zones would dissapear immediately. Back to one on one contests.

    2. I would have the seats of one bay removed at the Dome and the MCG for the people who prefer to stand.

    3. I would instruct the rules committiee to only pay a "push" in the back. No frees for falling forward during a tackle or using hands to defend space.

    4. I would go home early and jump back into bed with the missus.
  5. toeknee2

    toeknee2 Senior List

    Jan 23, 2008
    I don't like the look of that conference system Ice. My whole life I have attended Car/Coll, Car/Ess and Car/Rich twice a year. There is a chance what means most to me would be gone, fans would drop off like flies.

    My suggestion for a bigger ladder would be this...

    At the end of the year the ladder gets chopped into 3.

    The top 6 teams play off for the flag (they are the only teams that can win it) and the games are played prime time.

    The middle 6 play off for a million dollar NAB cup in the lesser time slots.

    The bottom 6 have an early summer and go into a lottery for the first draft picks.
  6. sr9767

    sr9767 Rookie

    St Kilda
    Feb 6, 2009
    If i was AD for a day, i would change the way that GF tickets are issued. I would make sure that the game is given back to the heart and soul of footy, us, the supporters. This would happen by cutting down the amount of corparate snobs who dont really give two s*&ts about the game. Only give the corp sect a maximum of 1000 tickets in TOTAL, 75000 tickets to the two competing clubs and the rest to the ordinary supporters who love to see footy. The way tickets should be divided up and not the Corp GF as it has become in recent years.
  7. SuburbanMe

    SuburbanMe Premiership Player

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    Feb 23, 2010
    Somewhere between Heaven and Hell
    If I were AD - I'd disband the STK FC.:p
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  8. joop

    joop Norm Smith Medallist

    St Kilda
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    Leeds United
    Sep 18, 2011

    id take the finals back to a top 4 or more realistically a top 6. the finals would be a way bigger showcase.
    using the 60's as an example(this would be impossible these days with interestate clubs) but there were only 4 finals, average crowd of over 95000.
  9. Ice-Wolf

    Ice-Wolf Brownlow Medallist

    St Kilda
    Other teams:
    Anaheim Ducks, PSV Eindhoven
    Sep 19, 2007
    Mornington Peninsula
    The conferences were designed in a number of ways, to maintain the local non-vic derbies, to normalise travel, to balance fairness with commercial decisiond, that is why each has a top-tier vic team, 2 mid to top-tier vic teams and a lower-tier vic team.

    The VIc/NSW/SA conference would travel more often but they would also only have 1 trip to Perth and one to SE Queensland the rest short distance trips to Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne

    Every team would play a away game in every represented state and a home game against a team from each represented state.

    For Vic teams you would only travel to Perth twice if you were in the WA/Vic conference but you would also get a real home ground advantage in the return trips, but you would also only travel to SE Qld once. the reverse fo the QLD/Vic conference.

    Also the Ess/Col, Ess/Car, Coll/Car Home & Away matches would be massive events as the only other time the teams would meet during the year would be in finals.
  10. FootyJunkie

    FootyJunkie Brownlow Medallist

    West Coast
    Mar 5, 2005
    Between the Big Sticks
    Obviously can't be done if there are 2 MCG Prelims, unless you consider playing a Prelim at Etihad.

    What about the case when both Prelims contains a travelling side? Does the travelling side in the night game still get disadvantaged?

    I'd prefer both Prelims on the Saturday like they used to do, but the last time it could have been possible would have been 2007, having Cats v Pies on Saturday night.
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  12. HappyChappy35

    HappyChappy35 Club Legend

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    Australian Cricket Team
    Jun 19, 2011
    Could be done if there was a Friday night final and Saturday arvo final (if that's what you meant).
    Like a few other posters seemingly do, I'd definitely prefer the 2nd PF on Saturday arvo instead of Saturday night (regardless of who is playing and where).
  13. Gunstall19

    Gunstall19 All Australian

    Jan 26, 2010
    North out, Tasmania in.
  14. VivienLeigh

    VivienLeigh Draftee

    Apr 13, 2012
    united state
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  15. Sydney Bloods

    Sydney Bloods Brownlow Medallist

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    Coney Island, GWS, The Exers!
    Apr 7, 2012
    Sack the rules committee,

    Then stop the umps from blowing the whistle when playing advantage! Seriously every other game in the world simply says advantage and lets the guys play on

    After that no more rule change's or interpretation's the games find the way it is.
  16. pies1958

    pies1958 Team Captain

    May 6, 2012
    Kew, Victoria
    sack the rules committee

    re-education of all umpires to stop generational bias against collingwood

    sack justin schmidt for suspected match fixing (refer all collingwood games)

    allow public criticism of all aspects of the AFL and Umpiring department by clubs and players

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