I'm going to the footy! **** yeah

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Mantis Toboggan

Club Legend
Mar 24, 2018
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
There’s a bar here that says ‘Centre Wing & Club Members’. I’m a Gold Member and they won’t let me in to get a roast beef roll. I don’t get it...how am I not a ‘Club Member’?

Anyone managed to get in there?!


Premiership Player
Jun 16, 2008
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Well that was fun - all set to head off to the footy and got the last minute lunch invite from the in laws - quick lunch, siad goodbye to everyone, went to grab my bag and got to the train and my wife said "you aren't going yet" - turns out my sister in law brought a cake to lunch and my son ate it - it had cashews in it and he's allergic. Cue next two hours of induced vomiting and anti hystamines. By the time the game started it really wasn't worth heading in, so while my son is ok, i was mighty peeved and disappointed. Gotta wait til Rd 5 to get to a game now provided the Qld government don't fu** this up any further

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