Skills I'm wondering how I can become better footballer in the future

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May 29, 2016
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Tasmania Devils
Hey Everyone, I'm wondering if anyone can give me some advice on how to become a better footballer.
I am 185cm and 91kg, Utility

I'm wanting to become a permanent forward pocket/full forward and I'm trying to read the play which isn't working for me.


Premiership Player
Oct 6, 2009
st kilda east
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reading the play "all on your own" is near impossible and is more a product of YOU knowing the team's game plan and all the other players as well

so if the plan is to swith the ball out of defense then as a wingman you know you need to get to the far side as soon as you can and the backman know that's where they're going already as well - it'snot like the wingman stands still, see's what might happens and then guesses where to go which is what you're doing now - you can't "outguess" 17 other teammates on the ground

but you can watch footy on the tv and see how if the ball goes to a specific position then where do they often lead/kick to which at your level will probably the best spot so you can have that in your brain for when you playand even if you don't get the ball because the other players don't know where the best spot is then you're coach should notice anyway and direct them to what you're doing if that makes sense

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