Image Editing - You can resize!

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Dec 1, 1999
AFL Club
Something some users may have overlooked is the ability to do a couple of basic things with images.

When you attach an image, and insert it into your post full size (using the "Full Image" button), you can bring up some simple editing options just by clicking on the image.


The blue squares let you resize the image by clicking and dragging.

Anybody can click your resized image to see the original image.

The other options let you:
  • Align the image in the post - left, right or centred.
  • Set a specific width and height for the image.
  • Add Alt Text which helps screen readers understand the image and also helps search engines find the image.
  • You can replace the image entirely with a new one in one step.
  • You can delete the image.
  • And you can add a clickable link.
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