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Media In Qase You Missed It Round 3

Discussion in 'The Sweet F.A. (SFA) - Fantasy Footy League' started by SarahSmiles, Aug 12, 2018.

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    Welcome back to IQYMI! My name is SarahSmiles and I'm here to take you through a massive round of Qooty.

    We head to the Golden Throne surprisingly not for a shit this time, but a shit game. The Royals chocked terribly in Ulahoopski and CakeEater's 50th games. In a game where 3 people had 0 touches and 7 YES 7 people had less than 10 Fantasy points. The Boys continued their undefeated run but could have easily had a 100+ point win but managed to almost choke their 53 point lead just before half time.

    Now we're heading to prison again, as the Dragons who apparently don't have The Half Back on their team, easily accounted for Bombers as PhenomenalV1 kicked 5 against his former club, xenxen has 14 hit-outs and 22 touches whilst captain Blaze Storm had a ripping 10 tackles! The Bombers shaved down the Dragons lead to a single point before the Dragons kicked away in a game which will be forgotten in 3 days.

    Alright, the House of Gumby. The game where the Gumbies easily held off the Swamprats wasn't even the biggest story coming out of the game when the Swampies, pissed off at BRAB sniped him in the first quarter yet were un-able to stop his impact as he had 17 touches and kicked a goal. Sarahsmiles and Nunez kicked goals for their new clubs as BLERN had 20+ touches. The goals were fast and frenzied lets have a look at the footage now; 4th Quarter 2nd Minute, tonygeeks flicks it to Ant Bear who turns and GETS SMASHED TO THE GROUND BY BRAB, BRAB has the ball now, kicks smothered, Jivlain picks it up, turns past Ant Bear, past GotTheGoodes and THROWS IT ONTO THE BOOT! HE'S KICKED 4! WHAT A GOAL! 4th Quarter 3rd Minute, roo2macca and Quadzilla smash into each other in the ruck, SarahSmiles picks up the ball and ducks the BLERN challenge. He goes with a 50 metre hand pass and it goes straight over the line. Umpire pays deliberate straight away and RU_ bombs it in the BLERN direction BLERN's a cocky bastard so he plays on and Quadzilla smashes him into the ground and tells him to EAD. Quick hands to his running team mate and SarahSmiles lets fly from 50! IT'S ONE OF THE BEST OF THE DAY! Cracking game there and the Gumbies surely will be top of the table.

    Now to the closest game of the Round where the Wonders got their first win of the day against the red-hot Furries. I'll set the scene then let the footage do the talking. The Winless Wonders looked like they were a chance until Sterge put one through in the 20th minute. Then the impossible happened; 4th Quarter 23rd Minute, U2tigers needs an option, MKMatty presents and U2 hits him on the chest. At Half Back for the Wonders now as Matty gets the action swinging again with A RISKY HANDBALL IN THE U2TIGERS DIRECTION, HE COLLIDES WITH Lsta062 AND Elton Johns Wig COMES OUT WITH IT! LIGHTING FAST HANDS TO Sab22 WHO KICKS!!!! dogs105 HAS TAKEN A SCREAMER! HE'S BARELY HIT THE GROUND BEFORE HE RELEASES THE RUNNING U2TIGERS WITH A HANDBALL. U2 RUNS TO 55 AND LETS FLY!!! IT'S GOING GOING GOING. THE FURIES ON THE LINE ALL LEAP! I DON'T THINK IT'S BEEN TOUCHED!?! UMPIRE SAYS IT'S A GOAL! WHAT A CRACKER. The Wonders have no idea how long there is left on the clock. Ball is thrown up an THE SIREN SOUNDS! WONDERS WIN THEIR FIRST IN AN ABSOLUTE THRILLER!!! okeydoke7 falls to the ground in celebration as he gets a win in his 250th!

    Warriors with an easy win where Freofalcon had 30 touches and a dominant display from kdavva74 sees the bears back on the winners list.

    Warriors fast becoming the run away leaders with their percentage 69% better than the 2nd place team. Bombers and Swampies remain winless as the Bombers, with a percentage of 55 take bottom spot Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 8.31.12 pm.png
    Hot and Cold
    Hot has to go to the Wonders who have managed to rack up their first win in the most epic of fashions. Sab22 is shaping up to be an absolute star.

    Not goes to fitzroybowiedog, the former Mobbs medalist was abysmal and the Roys will be scratching their heads as to how their captain didn't touch the ball once.

    This has been IQYMI hope you enjoyed and we'll see you next week.

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  2. BLERN

    BLERN Voted 2nd best BLERN on regularsizedfooty

    North Melbourne
    Oct 16
    I really need to read the game, I cant believe I got taken down and didn't retaliate
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  3. BRAB

    BRAB Just Hip my Wood

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    Oct 14
    I actually got a headache reading this.
  4. Broken

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    Apr 03
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    0% game time, too busy chatting up the crowd from the bench. Problem solved.
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  5. This Is Anfield

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    Feb 14
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    Sab22 got his arse kicked!
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