Independent Tribunal focus from new ASADA chief

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Put it out there
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    An olive branch with a big stick behind it?

    Can't imagine this being supported in current political environment as would have to require additional funds and resources.

    New ASADA boss David Sharpe takes diplomatic line on Essendon affair, wants more athlete engagement


    "In the absence of anything else, each of the sporting codes have done a very good job in setting up their own integrity bodies and their own tribunals with what was in front of them at the time," he says.

    "We evolve from that … I think a lot of credit needs to be given to the sports for actually establishing the sort of tribunals and integrity bodies in the first place because out of that stems your education and welfare roles."


    An independent tribunal, Sharpe says, is "absolutely a requirement".

    "It makes a very clean and clear system … I think we just have to set it up in partnership with the sports… and make sure it works for everyone."

    Such a tribunal is expected to be one of the key recommendations of the current James Wood inquiry into sport integrity, that could mean no team or sport needs to repeat the unfortunate Essendon saga.

    And it's clear Sharpe is keen to use his appointment to forge closer relationships with the sports as they enter into complex negotiations about the form that tribunal should take, and the protections offered for sports' sovereignty.
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    So in effect the AFL or any other Aussie Sports Body can't appointe their own judges on an Anti-Doping Tribunal?

    Layman's Way of saying the March 2015 AFL Tribunal was corrupt?
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    Yeah I can see this panel being one of integrity.