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Jul 2, 2010
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Note that ALL main board rules regarding posting apply on this board.
Mainboard moderators can and do moderate this board.

The Footy Industry Board specifically exists to cover things the off field things like Crowds, Sponsorships, Annual Reports, memberships, fixtures, the Cost of Living Allowance, Equalisation and such. It enables the main AFL board to focus on the game itself.

While some incidental discussion is ok in apropriatethreads - ie. limited crowd/ratings discussion in the AFL Ratings/Crowd thread and limited participation discussion in the Barrassi Line thread, most ongoing discussion will be directed/should be moved to the proper sports forum. Code wars are not welcome on Bigfooty.

Other forums

When we first set up this board in 2013, we were concerned that there existed the potential for threads to turn into codewars - we were reluctantly permitted to have non AFL discussion threads created to discuss but not belittle other codes or posters who support those codes - sadly this has become more commonplace as the years have gone on. This is expressly not what was desired by the Bigfooty admin team when the board was created, nor was what I envisaged when we started this journey lo these many years ago.

Whatever your personal opinions may be, this is not the board to wage your personal crusade against other codes or sports or sporting bodies/clubs.

For additional clarity

Please note the following additional rules will apply to the Footy Industry board henceforth
  • Information should be relevant to the discussion at hand. Information and articles posted from months and years ago should include context as to why they are currently relevant. There are entire threads that consist in large part of people posting information and articles from months and years prior with no clear current link or relevance.
  • Citing entire articles is not allowed. Exceptions only exist for media releases. Where articles are cited, links should be provided.
  • All posters are welcome to contribute to threads regardless of sporting affiliation provided such discussion is constructive and relevant.
  • Report suspected trolls, dont derail threads calling them out.
  • Non AFL threads or any thread set up to discuss non AFL industry matters are not places where code wars arguments will be permiited.
  • AFL based threads are not a place for code trolls from other forums either.
  • Quoting posts or threads from other boards on Bigfooty or forums outside Bigfooty is not permitted.
Also note
  • Moderator actions or decisions will not be discussed in open forums. If you have an issue with moderation, please take it up in private message, or should you feel the need, take it up with another Mod, a Supermod or Admin.

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