Analysis Ineffective kicks - as a percentage of total disposals. How important is the Caleb Daniel loss....


Jul 23, 2008
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As a general rule, the current AFL average of their total kicks is around 25% to be ineffective as of today.
Generally, the lower end of the %s are defenders (leaders in kicks taken) - however those with a midfield presence really separate themselves from the rest.

The top 5 that are not key/general defenders (and their ineffective %) are the following:
4th - T Kelly (25%)
3rd - R Henderson (19%)
2nd - M Duncan (15%)
1st - C Daniel (13%)

This year the little man has absolutely been lethal with his kicking, as the clear leader in not having ineffective kicks. The above suggests he could be in line for an AA selection even.

Hoping someone can fill his role for the next few weeks for your mob, will be interesting to see. Really enjoy watching him play.

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Oct 7, 2012
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We won a flag with CD nowhere near the backline. There is little doubt that our best footy has been played over the last three years with CD out of the backline IMO. It's not a coincidence.

CD may get more numbers back (so to would Naughton) but that doesn't mean either should play back.

One of CD's greatest strengths - his tank - is not being fully utilised back. Teams do play through CD's man aerially wherever he is on the ground. Probably defensively he is exposed less. On a wing by himself I can recall CD burning us. His tackles were often ineffectual back then as well.

CD has exquisite vision and skill. He also is physically smaller and weaker. His lack of kicking speed and penetration are possibly extensions of.this and they do create real problems for us when exiting the backline. His floaty kicks are too often cut off. His inability to clear a high press worrying.

His physical limitations and his brilliant vision and shortish use creates some interesting issues. I think the team plays it's best footy with CD not in the back 7. Would much prefer him delivering into the fwd 50 than say Hunter.

Bev seems to like CD back. But then Bev liked throwing players around and playing mids fwd. That has changed. Maybe Bev will change his mind on CD playing back. Hope he does.

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